Defender Radio and The Switch

How do you grow empathy and protect the future non-human animals in a part of the world most people will never visit? One company has the answer – and the science to back it up.

Krikey, a mobile gaming company founded by Jhvani and Ketaki Shriram, recently partnered with The Ellen Fund to launch Gorillas!, a 3D, augmented reality game that allows people to learn about the lives of critically endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda. What makes this fascinating is not just the adorable graphics and enjoyable gaming aspect, but that it’s backed by scientific evidence that indicates the augmented reality experience actually grows empathy in adults.

Despite my best efforts, I am unable to succinctly explain the various aspects of what Jhvani and Ketaki have created with Krikey, so let’s dive into the interview with these two incredible people and hear why I’m telling people that they may have developed one of the tools that could actually change the hearts and minds of humankind.

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