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Reggie Raccoon is looking forward to a day of loot on December 25. Will his greed reign, or will the spirit of giving find its way into his heart? 

The Bandit Who Gave Back Christmas was written by Marisa King, who also co-directed, and played the parts of Narrator, Snickers, Stickles, and Sniggles. Marisa King is a local actor, director and animal advocate and can be heard on numerous podcasts including "The End of Time and Other Bothers", "Alba Salix: Royal Physician" and "The Axe and Crown".

Sean Howard played Reggie Raccoon and can be heard as the Game Master in The End of Time and Other Bothers and is a co-writer and co-producer on the award-winning Alba Salix: Royal Physician. He can also been seen as a founding member of the improv troupe Executive Indecision. Hear more from him at

Kristi Boulton played Skitters Squirrel and Reggie’s mum. She is an actress, singer, improviser and storyteller based out of Hamilton, ON. When she's not on stage or behind a mic, you can find her following her other passions like puppeteering or, photography or videography around the GTA.

This episode was recorded in part by Eli McIlveen. Eli is the creator of Alba Salix: Royal Physician, and has recorded, edited and sound designed some of today's top audio drama podcasts. Learn more about him at

Special thanks to Marc Nascimento of Super 1Up Games in Hamilton for being the official production wrangler of JJ The Hamilton Hound.

On behalf of everyone who worked on this project and all of the team at The Fur-Bearers, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and May your tail always be striped and may your compost bin always be full.

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Protest and activism are a cornerstone of change, particularly in social issues. While our right to protest and speak are guaranteed by law in both Canada and the United States, some law enforcement agencies push back at those participating in protest or activism – at times beyond their rights.

Understanding what your rights are is important for all advocates, but especially for those who hit the pavement as part of their advocacy. From knowing how to keep yourself and those around you safe to what to say when things go wrong, there’s a lot to learn. And to help get started on the path of learning, Bina Ahmad, a public defender with the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan, New York, joined Defender Radio to discuss activists’ rights, how to interact with law enforcement, and when it’s time to call a lawyer.

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