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Bears are hungry. Like super duper hungry. This time of year they’re getting ready for hibernation and are spending most of their time getting all the calories they can – and that means it’s extra important to manage attractants and do what we can to keep them from hanging out in our neighbourhoods. Even if we individually like having the bears in our yards, other neighbours may not – and having them grow comfortable around people can and will lead to other conflict. And despite available solutions, in BC it often means they are killed by conservation officers.

The North Shore Black Bear Society is working tirelessly within their community and others in BC to get municipal by-laws in place and push for greater education and enforcement from governments. Their own work on education is also impressive, including traditional and social media, classroom visits and more. To help us understand what bears are up to, the importance of changing our behaviours to protect them, and what attractants we may not be thinking about this time of year, Luci Cadman of the North Shore Black Bear Society joined Defender Radio.

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We need change in how we view wildlife and the management of species and their homes. Outdated science and traditions need to be updated with current data and effective traditional ecological knowledge. But how do we start?

With a paradigm shift – and that’s what the Cochrane Research Institute and Cochrane Ecological Institute are hoping to create with their Wilderness Wildlife and Human Interaction Symposium. Taking place Saturday, November 2 at the Cochrane RancheHouse, this one day event features speakers including Dr. Gilbert Proulx, Bryce Casavant, Joe Englehart, Lesley Fox (my boss) and others. There will also be a documentary viewing, an artisan market, silent auction, book signings and more. It’s going to be a great day – and to help share more about why the symposium is needed, what visitors can expect to take away and what inspiring change really means Defender Radio was joined by Cochrane Ecological Institute spokesperson Lisa Dahlseide.


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This episode is later than originally anticipated – between human and canine health issues and some technical whoopsies, things got delayed. And before we get into it, I want to let you know that JoAnne and I get into some heavy conversation about compassion fatigue and the emotional weight of advocacy work. If that isn’t something you’re up for – no problem! Please know that there are many available resources to help manage self-care, compassion fatigue, and other emotional or mental-health related topics. Start by talking to your doctor, caregiver, or Googling what local resources exist in your municipality or county.

Now let’s get started with this week’s episode.

Photographs tell stories. Some of them are funny, some sad, some tragic, some a mixture of many emotions. Regardless of what story is being told, photography has a way of getting to people when words have failed. And that’s why We Animals Media matters.

Through a variety of storytelling methods – including founder Jo-Anne McArthur’s incredible photography and photojournalism – We Animals Media is a home for a catalogue accessible to traditional media, advocates, and everyone in between. It’s also the site of exciting new projects – like a We Animals masterclass, book sales, mentorships, and really, more than I can say in a short introduction.

I was thrilled to chat with Jo-Anne about the history of We Animals, the current projects she’s developing with a growing team, and what the future holds for the world’s premiere animal advocacy storytellers.

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