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The science is pretty straight forward when it comes to rehabilitating grizzly bears: it works, and they’re not more likely to come into conflict as a result of rehabilitation. But that hasn’t stopped the Alberta government from continuing to prevent qualified rehabilitators from taking in grizzly cubs – despite the fact that it’s an acceptable and frequent practice one province over in British Columbia, and various other places in Canada and around the world.

Understanding this decision means looking at what grizzly rehabilitation includes, breaking down the government and anti-rehab arguments, and exploring the available science. There’s no one better than biologist Lisa Dahlseide, who helped lead the charge to defeat unscientific policies that prevented black bears and other species from being rehabilitated in Alberta. She joined Defender Radio last week to share her knowledge and analysis.

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If you read enough headlines about the environment and wildlife, it won’t be long until you see one like ‘kill wolves to protect endangered caribou.’ In simple terms, the suggested actions by some government-funded researchers or those with a vested interest in killing animals makes sense: if we remove the predator or competition, the population of an animal targeted for conservation will increase.  But that’s not how things work in the real world – particularly when policy writers and elected officials ignore overwhelming scientific evidence and focus on easy answers that won’t have a lasting positive impact.

Charlotte Dawe, a campaigner with Wilderness Committee penned an outstanding article on this issue for The Straight, an online magazine recently, and joined Defender Radio to discuss the concept of killing animals to save animals, science-informed decision making, and how we can all be part of lasting, compassionate solutions for the environment.

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John E. Marriott has taken some of the most breathtaking photos of wildlife that I have ever seen. He’s the keynote speaker at The Fur-Bearers gala event including the Clements Awards on March 30, and he’s been a regular on Defender Radio sharing stories about his adventures, ethical wildlife photography, and conservation.

In his latest episode of the popular web series Exposed With John E. Marriott, John tackles snares – the cruel devices responsible for killing wolves, coyotes, and countless other non-target species across Canada.

To discuss the episode, what he’s learned about government regulation on snares, and why every animal lover should be concerned, John joined Defender Radio.

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