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Episode 128: Special Edition - Celebration of Wildlife

On April 12, APFA converged on Calgary, Alberta to host A Celebration of Wildlife. Nearly 100 wildlife lovers joined us at the Hotel Alma at the University of Calgary for this half-day event, which featured experts from across the province.

Included in that list was Predator-Friendly Rancher Louise Liebenberg and the University of Calgary’s Dr. Shelley Alexander.

In this week’s Special Report we’re bringing you highlights from the presentations of these two leaders.

More from the event can be found on the Celebration of Wildlife page, including videos, by clicking here.

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Episode 127: Getting (humanely) educated

This week we’re continuing to look at the subject of humane education with one of the biggest names in the business: Zoe Weil of the Institute for Humane Education.

The co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education, Zoe is an award-winning author of six books, educator and speaker. She designed the graduate certificate programs for the Institute of Humane Education and is noted by many as a leader in the field of animal welfare and education.

We recently spoke with Zoe about her work at the Institute of Humane Education, the importance of humane education in today’s world, and how it can improve not just animal welfare, but the quality of life for everyone.


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Episode 126: A brief history of humane education

This week’s episode is the first of many to come that will focus on a subject of the utmost importance to us – humane education.

Compassion and respect for animals is something that is taught and learned. The lessons we all have learned on our own journeys to understanding stem from somewhere, be it classrooms, books, movies or even podcasts like this one. In episodes throughout the coming months, we will be taking a look at how humane education can grow, impact our society and why it matters.

To kick off this ongoing theme we’re taking an adventure to the past. The National Museum of Animals and Society opened their doors last year in Los Angeles California. Executive Director and Founder Carolyn Mullin will speak to the history of the museum, its foundations and how it will help create a more humane world.

We’ll also be hearing from Dr. Keri Cronin, a professor of visual arts and art history at Brock University. Dr. Cronin is the curator of an online exhibit at the National Museum of Animals and Society titled Be Kind: A Visual History of Humane Education 1880 to 1945. Dr. Cronin will explain the significance of this exhibit, as well as her own path to discovering the history of humane education.

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