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Episode 229: CSI: Coyote scene investigators

When conflict arises between coyotes and humans, the coyotes typically get the short end of the stick. Trapping, hunting and all-out culls are always on the horizon when coyotes are involved in incidents. But, it’s not always a coyote who is responsible for perceived or actual conflict; sometimes it can be predatory birds, other terrestrial mammals like bears or raccoons, and it can even be domestic dogs.

Finding the truth is the ultimate goal whenever and wherever conflict exists – and that’s the speciality of Coyote Watch Canada.

Lesley Sampson, founder and Executive Director of Coyote Watch Canada, is an expert coyote tracker and runs dozens – if not hundreds – of investigations into coyote and wildlife behaviour in communities each year. She joined Defender Radio recently to talk about the process of investigating wildlife conflict, the need for public education in this time, and analysis of some recent wildlife conflict events across Canada.

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Episode 228: Special Report: Unnatural Enemies

This special report episode has been rushed to post for you, our wonderful supporters, so that we can let you know about an incredible documentary airing on CTV and CTV2 in Alberta this Monday, May 18. Unnatural Enemies: The War on Wolves explores the incredibly controversial wolf killing taking place in Alberta. Wildlife experts, biologists, advocates, hunters and trappers are all included in 44-minute documentary, as well as historic data and current science on wolf populations and behaviour.

We’re very fortunate to have been granted an exclusive interview with the director and producer of the Pyramid Productions documentary, Geordie Day, who joined us to talk about the motivations of the film, the harsh realities facing wolves and why everyone in Canada should be watching.

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Episode 227: Craving Compassion, Canada?

What do a Buddhist monk in Vancouver and the owner of a sanctuary farm in central Ontario have in common? Compassion. This week we’re talking with Shifu Zhihan, a teacher of Buddhism in Vancouver who’s helping to host Vesak 2015 For World Peace this Saturday, May 16. We’ll also connect with Brenda Bronfman the founder of Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, Ontario.

With surprising similarities, Zhihan and Brenda spoke with Defender Radio about the role of animals in their lives, how they found their way to peace and compassion, and how they hope to leave the world a little more beautiful.

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Episode 226: Join the revolution

Anger and frustration are common for us animal advocates. And this week we’re talking with someone who can help us by teaching us what questions we should be asking ourselves.

Deb Ozarko finished college and got a diploma in Design, Communications and Advertising. She worked in corporate and studio settings. Deb Ozarko completed an Ironman triathlon. Deb Ozarko was an aggressive, outspoken activist. And yet, none of these things are how Deb Ozarko defines herself today.

In an incredible journey from grief and anger to compassion and hope, Deb transformed her life. Her story – and the many things she learned in this lifelong lesson – are spoken of during her popular The Unplug Podcast, in her book the Status Quo Crusher and through her blog.

Deb Ozarko wants to see a revolution of love. And she joined Defender Radio to discuss her life lessons, plans and hopes with us in an in-depth and revealing interview.

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