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Episode 121: Conservation conversations

We’re going to be focusing on conservation this week, taking a look at two areas that are of regular interest and importance to us and our membership.

First up in our interviews is Rob Laidlaw of Zoocheck Canada, who will take us through a discourse of the role zoos play in species conservation following a report on The Public Library of Science indicating that zoos just aren’t doing their part. Then we’ll be hearing from Heidi Perryman of the Give A Dam website who will be telling us how beavers she helped to protect in Martinez, California nearly a decade ago are now keeping an entire ecosystem thriving while the rest of the state suffers through drought conditions.

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Episode 120: Protecting our predators

This week’ we’re focusing on predators with two internationally-recognized scientists, Dr. John Laundre of Oswego University in New York and Dr. Euan Ritchie of Deakin University in Australia. Between these two professors, the clear case for protecting predators not just at home, but around the world, will be made clear and our listeners will learn what they can do to help.

We'll also update you on our first advertising campaign of 2014.


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This week we’re taking a look at bears, with interviews outlining two different and unfortunate circumstances.

First, Mike McIntosh of Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation joins Defender Radio to update us on the return of the Ontario spring bear hunt, what it means for bears in the province and what every single one of us can do. Following that, we’ll hear from Bev McMullen, a photographer who was both eyewitness and ultimately the avenger of a bear who was beaten to near-death with a rock in Northern Ontario. The bear was later found, unfortunately deceased. But thanks to the photographs Bev was able to snap, a man is now facing charges.

We’ll also be joined by Brad Gates of Gates Wildlife Control to answer one of the most common questions raised during wildlife conflict in the home.


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This week, we’re taking a look at a single incident which has captured the eyes of the world: a wolf whose leg was caught and nearly severed by a legal snare in northern Ontario. Paula Tough, a resident in a small town north of Huntsville and bordering Algonquin Park, came across the wolf, who was severely injured and in a snare. While many others passed by and did nothing, Paula refused to give up; she went home and got supplies to free and transport the female wolf and assisted in getting her into the care of Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

The story first came to light in a local paper. When APFA was contacted by Paula, we posted a blog. That blog has now been read thousands of times and shared around the world.

Paula, a registered nurse and mother, joins us now to share her harrowing tale.

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