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It may be warm and sunny on the west coast, but throughout much of Canada and the United States it’s howling cold – so we’re taking this opportunity to make a bad pun and bring you an episode exploring our relationships with coyotes.

We have interviews with some great experts this week, including Phil Carter of Animal Protection of New Mexico; Lesley Sampson of Coyote Watch Canada; and Professor Sara Waller from the University of Montana. We’ll also be presenting a new segment of wild in the city with Brad Gates of Gates Wildlife Control.

We're also proud to bring you news of our recent trip to Cornwall, Ontario.

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At APFA we spend a lot of time behind the scenes, working with municipalities, providing literature to other groups and individuals and being animal advocacy ninjas, in general. Sometimes it feels like our work is a little underwhelming – we don’t have huge victories to celebrate, as the political machines of Canada are slow to move. But every day we do see change – big and small – and it’s time for us to celebrate that. This week we’re speaking with some friends, supporters and partners who have affected real change in the world around them and hope that it will serve as a reminder that every single voice can create change. Joining us this week are Jasmin and Mariann from Our Hen House; Danielle Legg, whose petition convinced Willie Nelson to cancel his SeaWorld show; Jasmine Polsinelli, whose anti fur campaign saw real results; and Sarah, a long-time member whose discovery of fur in the workplace led to a success.

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Being fur free can be easy, but it isn't always, if you don't have the right information. This week, Defender Radio is bringing you three industry-experts that play a role in our fur free world. Brandon Forder, VP of Canadian Pet Connection, who thoroughly investigates all toys to ensure they are fur free and meet his personal ethics; Kemp Edwards, owner of Ethical Profiling, who provides ethically-sourced and cruelty-free products to clients, ranging from clothing to office supplies to trade show giveaways; and Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart, owner of Vaute Couture, whose fur-free fashion line has been a favourite of advocates the world over.

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APFA is getting ready for 2014 - we're prepping all kinds of great messaging, fundraising, literature and campaigns. To get you through the next two weeks we're bringing you the best of Defender Radio 2013. Please sit back and enjoy these interviews with Brad Gates of Gates' Wildlife Control, Mike McIntosh of Bear With Us Rehab and Sanctuary, and Dr. Carrie Packwood Freeman.

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