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Boss’ story is similar to many others we’ve heard this trapping season, but he was one of the few lucky ones. While on a walk with his guardian near his home in British Columbia, Boss was lured to a baited snare and became entangled. Fortunately, he was able to get loose – but the event injured him and has shaken his family. Now they’re asking questions like why is trapping taking place on a trail that’s listed on tourism websites, and why there were no signs indicating that active, baited traps were in the area.

Amanda Duke joined Defender Radio to share her emotional story about almost losing her companion, and the questions she’s asking.

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Not long ago, Kimberly Ross and her family lost their beloved companion Titus to a legally set snare. This episode features an emotional interview with Kimberly.

If you are unable or choose not to listen, I understand – but I do ask that you click on the links in our blog or show notes, or head to to take action on banning these horrible, inhumane devices. Snares are legal across Canada, and as you will hear, can be set without warning and without setback from publicly accessible recreation areas, property lines, and natural place.

Kimberly spoke with Defender Radio about her family’s experience losing Titus to one of these cruel devices, and how she hopes her story will save the lives of other pets.

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