Defender Radio and The Switch

APFA is getting ready to go full strenght in 2014, and we're bringing you some of our favourite interviews from 2013. Please sit back and enjoy these chats with Dr. Aysha Akhtar, Brad Gates of Gates' Wildlife Control and Bif Naked.

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This week we’re celebrating the Christmas season with our good friend Brad Gates of AAA Gates’ Wildlife Control, APFA Board President Irene Griswold, Canadian Pet Connection Vice President Brandon Forder and some tips on saying no to furry gifts from some of the retail industry’s leading experts.

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Be it the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario, provincial parks in Alberta or Oak Bay in British Columbia, people are killing deer. It’s not for sustenance; it’s for an alleged overpopulation. Defender Radio this week is focused on the subject of deer culls and coexistence strategies, with interviews from Liz White of Animal Alliance of Canada, Rick Kubian of Parks Canada and Sara Dubois from the BC SPCA.

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Margaret Atwood once said that Canada was built on dead beavers. She couldn’t have been more right. Since the time of first contact, beavers have been persecuted for their fur and out of fear of their ingenious engineering skills. But the tide is changing: municipalities, homeowners and even businesses are recognizing there are better solutions available for preventing beaver conflicts and they’re recognizing the ecological benefits beavers present.

In this week’s episode we speak with our own Adrian Nelson, Director of Communications at APFA, who is our in-house beaver expert and lead on our beaver coexistence program; Dr. Heidi Perryman, the woman behind; and Mike Callahan, owner of Beaver Solutions in Massachusetts.

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Talking about wildlife and animal welfare isn’t always enough; we have to do it effectively. Whether it’s working with the government, getting through to the media, or helping others get through the media spin, communicating effectively is paramount. In this week’s episode of Defender Radio, we’ve brought together a collection of experts to help us do just that.

Mario Conseco of Insights West research shares the remarkable data from a recent poll of British Columbians that could help turn the tide of the government’s attitude about trapping. Professor Carrie Peckwood Freeman shares the lessons a career in communications has left her about the media, as well as her paper, ‘Giving Voice to the Voiceless.’ And IFAW’s seal hunt expert, Sheryl Fink, gives a brief history of the exploitative hunt, the importance of the recent WTO decision on the EU ban of seal products and how the media is being fed a government and industry spin on the story.

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