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Episode 125: The Missing Wolf Management Plan

A hot topic these days is the BC government’s wolf management plan. Or, more particularly, it’s the lack of information about the plan.

This week we’ll hear from two people who have followed this story closely. Up first is Andrew MacLeod, a reporter with online news magazine The Tyee. Andrew filed numerous Freedom of Information Act requests with the BC government to find the facts behind the wolf management plan – and was shut down repeatedly. Then we’ll talk with Sadie Parr, the advocate behind Just Beings, who has numerous projects in British Columbia and western Canada and works towards understanding and coexistence with wolves.

Please remember while you listen to this episode that the government has still not released their plan and many questions remain unanswered.

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Episode 124: It's time to tell a friend

We’re always trying to discover new ways to spread our message – whether it’s to go fur-free, coexist or simply be more compassionate. This week we’re chatting with two people who are working toward similar goals with different approaches.

We’ll hear from Kim Elmslie, Communications and Advocacy Manager for The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, who will chat with us about their upcoming National Animal Welfare Conference in Toronto.

Then we’ll talk with recording artist Gaiaisi, a supporter who was inspired by one of our campaigns and wrote a song – for which he also created a music video – about the fur industry. Recently it was added to Upworthy and is quickly gaining popularity.

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Episode 123: Animal Advocacy Camp 2014

Animal Advocacy Camp is a two-day 'un-conference' that will bring together advocates of all volitions to support, share and learn together on March 22 and 23.

In episode 123, Defender Radio interviews Animal Advocacy Camp host Glenn Gaetz, who explains how he developed the conference, who will be speaking and what guests can expect. We also hear from Sara Dubois of the BC SPCA, who is slated as a speaker at the conference. Sara will explore her new position of Chief Scientific Officer at the BC SPCA and give our audience an idea of what she will be presenting during her time at the conference.

APFA is a proud supporter of Animal Advocacy Camp and encourages all our members to attend if they're available. To learn more about the event, visit

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Episode 122: Slapping down SLAPP suits

This week we’re taking a break from wildlife news to bring you information on a disease spreading from coast to coast to coast in our great nation. SLAPP suits.

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation are plaguing traditional and new media and stand as major threat to freedom of speech and all social movements.

We have two guests who will help us bring awareness about this disturbing legal trend. Cara Zwibel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association will discuss the ins and outs of SLAPP suits from a legal point of view and Dylan Powell of Marineland Animal Defense will share his story of facing a multi-million dollar suit and how supporters can help fight back.

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