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Episode 216: March is coming in like a lion

March is gearing up to come in like a lion for the Fur-bearers. The ongoing attack on advocacy by the Harper government picked up last week with new claims in the House of Commons, leaked reports from the RCMP and the staggering introduction of bill C-51. But a lion-like March isn’t always bad news – we’re teaming up with a fantastic ethical business for a month-long fundraiser that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

This week we’ll hear from Camille Labchuk, one of Canada’s leading animal rights attorneys, who discusses everything from politics to terrorism laws and how we can each make a difference come election time. Following that, Shana Victor will connect with Defender Radio to talk about how her ethical business will be supporting The Fur-Bearers throughout the month of March – and how you can end up with beautiful jewellery, clothing and accessories while supporting the Fur-Bearers, too.

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Episode 215: Making humane choices

Making humane choices can be difficult at times – but when you know where to look and what questions to ask, it can be surprisingly easy and satisfying. This week we’re talking with two individuals who have made significant strides in operating humane businesses and have also been stalwart supporters of The Fur-Bearers.

We’ll first hear from Brad Gates, owner of AAA Gates Wildlife Control. As an animal lover and honest businessman, Brad has done wonders for educating the public on humane wildlife removal and is leading the pack at reforming his own industry to be even better for the animals. Following Brad we’ll touch base with Alycia Gemoya-Allen, manager of a LUSH Cosmetics store in Indiana that had the largest success in the Make Fur History campaign last fall.

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Episode 214: Unintended consequences

We regularly speak about the direct implications of actions against wildlife – from full on culls to the trapping and disruption of family units. But there is a lot more happening in our country that’s putting wildlife at risk, and not all of it is visible or obvious. This week we’re exploring the unintended consequences of human activities.

Secondary poisoning is a serious concern – and the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia deals with it regularly. We’ll hear from Janelle _ who sees the consequences of poison used on rodents and how it impacts predatory birds and other animals.

The hot topic in the oil sands right now is the truly frightening tailings ponds and their potential consequences for the ecosystems they’re built in. We’ll be joined by Dale Marshall of Environmental Defence Canada, one of the leading organizations fighting to uncover the truth about these eco-bombs waiting to happen.

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Episode 213: Finding compassion for canids

The news this year has all been about the cousins of our domestic dogs, wolves and coyotes.

Increased sightings of coyotes throughout areas of Ontario have caused a spike in complaints, heightened fear of predators and even lethal action. Our friends at Coyote Watch Canada, however, have been working non-stop since December to show the media the truth about coyotes and how we can live with them.

Further west, wolves are in the crosshairs in both Alberta and British Columbia as governments scramble to find ways to protect endangered caribou herds in both provinces. Even though science and public opinion is against them, the kills are well under way – and it’s coming down to wolf experts like Paul Paquet to speak out against them.

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