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This is the first Defender Radio News Brief, a more traditional radio interview, edited down to its core points, and kept within 5 to 7 minutes, for quick and easy listening. Regular, full-length episodes will still be published, but now on Wednesdays!

Raccoons are on the move. Whether you’re in an urban centre like Hamilton or Vancouver, or have forests or farmlands as your backyard, the masked critters are likely making more appearances – as well as interesting sounds – in your community. I connected with Cara Contardi of Urban Wildlife Care, a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Grimsby, Ontario, to talk raccoons. Full interview releases on Wednesday, February 28.

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In our world, there are many types of dogs, each unique and wonderful. And in a 12-episode podcast series, Adam Winston has explored makes our relationships with them so incredible. Adam has combined his passions for learning, his love of dogs, and his experience as an Air Force Radio and Television Producer to create this journey of discovery called Dogs In Our World. Each episode features a produced interview with an expert, including a philosopher, a historian, multiple trainers and behaviourists, and even Dr. Temple Grandin. These experts all discuss with Adam the dogs with whom we share our lives, history, and homes, revealing incredible insights. The thought provoking episodes are a wonderful chance for life long dog lovers and trainers to those who know little about our domestic canines to learn alongside Adam.

Having recently wrapped his first season, Adam joined Defender Radio for an exclusive, in-depth interview exploring his journey to becoming a dog person and ultimately developing Dogs In Our World, the excitement of nabbing conversations with high-profile experts, highlights from the season, and what he’s learned about himself and the world around him through a love of dogs.

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The story of Russell, the orphaned and injured bear cub outside of Calgary, broke hearts around the world. Wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians were ready, willing, and able to assist by examining his injured leg, and providing a safe environment for his rehabilitation over winter, but Alberta Environment and Parks refused. While the story of Russell is sad, and his fate following hibernation remains unknown, it highlighted a greater problem: several indigenous species that the government has decided cannot or should not be rehabilitated from injury or illness, or cared for as orphans.

The story of Russell also accomplished something remarkable: the government has stated they are now reviewing and implementing protocols for black bear rehabilitation in the province. Due to an overwhelming response by all of you, and the hard work of a core of advocates in Alberta, the media did not relent, and the science, ethics and logic of rehabilitation, forced a change.

To discuss the cautious optimism of this important victory, the combination of ethics and science behind rehabilitation, and why the advocacy can’t end now, Defender Radio was joined by biologist and former rehabilitator Lisa Dahlseide.

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Host Michael Howie discusses The Fur-Bearers' push for trap warning signs in provinces and territories across Canada, how it can help protect dogs, cats, other domestic animals, and children, and how easy it is for you to take action with our one-click advocacy letter!

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