Defender Radio and The Switch

Advocates are exposed to horrendous truths. Injured, abused, neglected and tortured animals become a part of a daily routine for those seeking justice and coexistence. It can wear down even the strongest willed, threaten the spirit of the most determined. But there is always hope.

This week we speak with Tyler Jamieson, who organized a group of advocates in Ottawa to spread the message of going fur free; dog rescuer and counsellor Darlene Grady-Lunn, who explores the emotional risks of advocacy and how hope can be found; Kelli Polsinelli, operator of Wild Earth Refuge, who creates hope for injured animals; and rock star Bif Naked, who despite personal hardships, continues to believe in a better future for humans and non-human animals alike.

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Getting through the spin in marketing and media isn’t always easy. But with this week’s group of experts, we’re hoping to give you a helping hand. Talking about the history and realities – not the hunters’ spin – of the spring bear hunt in Ontario and its proposed return is Liz White of Animal Alliance of Canada. Brad Gates, owner of Gates Wildlife Control, shares his personal journey to becoming a world-class humane wildlife removal operator and the disturbing secrets of others in his industry. The University of Calgary’s Dr. Shelley Alexander discusses her media content analysis study and the impact the media has had on coyotes in Canada. And Sylvia Dolson, Executive Director of the Get Bear Smart Society, tells of how communities faced fears and learned to live peacefully with bears.

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A funny thread emerged when we compiled this week's episode of Defender Radio: the lines in our lives. While listening to the interviews, we realized that there are so many crossovers when discussing animal welfare, advocacy and activism. Cary Rentola of the WOLF Sanctuary draws a line between wanting to be close to nature and bringing it too close; Dr. Hal Herzog explores the lines we set up between the pets in our lives, the wildlife we protect and the animals many continue to eat; and Dylan Powell discusses the lines we sometimes must draw to protest wrongdoings.

Defender Radio is presented by Gates Wildlife Control and The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals.

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It’s finally here! After a great deal of quiet background work, we’re pleased to launch this first official episode of Defender Radio, a new podcast that focuses on the fur industry, wildlife, advocacy and everything animal related. We also must thank Brad Gates of Gates Wildlife Control in Toronto who has been a strong supporter of APFA and has signed on as the title sponsor for Defender Radio.

In this inaugural episode hear interviews from Dr. Marc Bekoff, Brad Gates, Jasmine Polsinelli and Jo-Anne McArthur.

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