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The Ontario government is considering liberalizing wolf and coyote hunting in Northern Ontario in a bid to increase moose hunting opportunities. But their own science and facts indicate that killing more wolves and coyotes won’t have the impact they want – making this an entirely political policy.

This issue isn’t just about wolves and coyotes and moose; it’s about understanding what is being said by those affected in Northern Ontario by the climate crisis and a rapidly changing ecosystem. It’s about learning to bring science to story and story to science to ensure that we’re doing what’s best for people in Ontario, as well as the individual animals and infinitely complex ecosystem that we all share.

To dive into the policy, the history, the science, and the difficult ethical conversations, Defender Radio was joined by Hannah Barron, Director of Wildlife Conservation Campaigns for Earthroots.


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What is compassionate conservation? How can teaching today’s students the tenets of this movement affect government decisions tomorrow? And why does it matter in the end? All these questions and more are discussed with UBC professor and researcher Dr. Kristen Walker on the first episode of Defender Radio’s seventh season!

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