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If a tool existed that would reduce negative encounters with wildlife in your municipality, would you implement it? I think most listeners would – and a toolkit is now available that can actively help residents do just that.

The Wildlife Attractant By-law Toolkit was developed by Serratus Wildlife Services for the Get Bear Smart Society. It's a comprehensive document that can help municipalities across Canada easily and affordably introduce attractant management by-laws. Such by-laws act as an educational tool as well as an enforcement option and can improve outcomes for wildlife by identifying and treating a core issue: attractant management.

To explain the toolkit, why by-laws are an essential tool for municipalities, and what it can look like for residents or community leaders to use the document, Defender Radio was joined by toolkit author Meg Toom of Serratus Wildlife Services.


Get Bear Smart Society's Toolkit Page:

By-law toolkit empowers communities (Article):

Meg Toom of Serratus Wildlife Services on LinkedIn:

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