Defender Radio and The Switch

The Switch is a new bi-weekly show on the Defender Radio Podcast feed, produced by The Fur-Bearers and hosted by Michael Howie. 

This show will feature short - about 10-minute-long - interviews with people who are making a difference in combatting climate change and protecting wildlife and their habitat through daily choices. These solutions are meant to be accessible, meaning available to most people living in Canada regardless of who they are and their socioeconomic situations. 

Upcoming episodes include subjects like:

  • Blowing Away Gas Leaf Blowers
  • Reducing by Refilling
  • Ecofriendly Menstruation Products
  • Hugelkultur for Biodiversity
  • Plastic Waste and PPE Choices
  • Animal Agriculture and Climate Change / Impact on Wildlife and Habitats
  • The Role of Libraries in Climate Change
  • DIY Ecofriendly Cleaning Products (from audience suggestions)
  • ...and more!

Subscribe to or follow the Defender Radio podcast feed wherever you listen to get updates as new episodes are available. Currently, the publication schedule is alternating The Switch and Defender Radio episodes, so a new episode should drop every Monday on the feed.

Want to suggest topics for the show? Reach out to us at, by visiting or engaging host Michael Howie on social media via Instagram (, TikTok ( or Facebook ( 

The Switch is produced by The Fur-Bearers (, a charitable non-partisan organization whose mandate is to advocate on behalf of fur-bearing animals in the wild and in confinement, promote coexistence solutions in communities and protect the habitats of fur-bearing animals across Canada. You can follow The Fur-Bearers on Instagram (, Twitter ( and Facebook ( 

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