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Animal advocacy is a huge community. There’s folks like us at The Fur-Bearers, who focus on wildlife coexistence, habitat issues and a specific commercial issue; there’s groups like Coyote Watch Canada or North Shore Black Bear Society who focus on specific wildlife; then there’s groups who focus on farmed animals, domesticated animals, vegan principles, international policy, local policy and more. In short: it’s a huge community.

As such, when we ask the question, “How ya doing, animal advocates,” the response is a collective blurring of various voices. That is, until, you bring in the researchers.

Faunalytics is a non-profit that does research, maintains a research library and directly supports advocates and organizations. In one of their latest projects, they took on the rather large task of figuring out the experiences of animal advocates in Canada and the United States. This is important work: it creates a reference point for future inquiries, shows advocacy organizations where we must improve, and highlights the absolute need for amplifying the voices of and reach to marginalized groups within the animal advocacy community.

Dr. Jo Anderson, Faunalytics’ research director, joined Defender Radio to explore the study, the need for asking these questions, how to interpret the data and what solutions we can seek to improve the animal advocacy community not just to be successful for the animals, but to be good to each other.

Faunalytics is hosting a Q&A about their study! Get the details and submit questions on their Facebook event here:


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