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Rewilding the world is an important step in combating climate change; recreating ecosystems and habitat can’t happen soon enough. Fortunately, a lot of solutions are already available – including the Miyawaki Method of using mini-forests to reforest the world.

Mini-Forest Revolution: Using the Miyawaki Method to Rapidly Rewild The World was released in June 2022 by Chelsea Green Publishing. Author Hannah Lewis shares the ins and outs of what the Miyawaki Method looks like through stories of communities who have built mini-forests, supporting science, and past writings and conversations with the late Akira Miyawaki, who developed this method.

The book is a journey of knowledge and solutions, and one that will be loved by readers who enjoy biographies, nature journals, or just want to learn about a reliable climate solution.

Author Hannah Lewis joined Defender Radio to discuss writing the book, why the Miyawaki Method matters, and how people all over the world can help kick-start the mini-forest revolution.

Photo of a mini-forest in Indiana used for episode art, as depicted in the book, by Dan Grady.

Links and Show Notes:

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Learn more about Hannah Lewis on her website at

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