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The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNROD) announced last week they would be killing up to 35 coyotes in Vancouver’s Stanley Park in response to more than 45 bites and negative encounters in the preceding 10 months. The Fur-Bearers were active on this issue when it became public in December 2020 and have remained involved, advocating for long-term coexistence solutions.

This podcast features two interviews. The first is with The Fur-Bearers’ Executive Director Lesley Fox, in which we discuss the actions taken by The Fur-Bearers, the opportunities missed by governing agencies, and where our focus will be moving forward regarding wildlife in Stanley Park, as well as our need to grieve for the coyotes, affected people and how we can show who coyotes truly are. The second interview is with psychotherapist (qualifying) and certified wildlife rehabilitator Stephanie McMahon, who speaks to the grief many of us feel following this situation, the importance of allowing that grief and its many forms to play out, and a look at tools and experiences that may help the grieving process for animal advocates.

The Fur-Bearers initial statement on the killing of Stanley Park coyotes:

Science: Culls aren’t effective long-term solutions:

Stanley Park: What you can do to help the coyotes:

The Fur-Bearers’ Coexisting with Coyotes:

Coyote Watch Canada:

Kids Help Phone:

Crisis Services Canada:

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Crisis Resources page:

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