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Beavers are an essential animal to the North American landscape. They create and maintain wetlands that are home to at-risk and endangered species; they clean runoff from agricultural lands; they sequester carbon; they improve habitat for salmon and other fish species; and they even help mitigate wildfires. Sadly, beavers are trapped and killed across Canada and the United States for their fur, but also when their presence challenges human infrastructure.

Fortunately, there are solutions that keep beavers on the land and protect human-created systems like roadways and storm water management systems. And teaching people how to implement these life-saving devices is The Beaver Institute.

A US-based non-profit, The Beaver Institute aims to restore ecological balance with beavers, and offers incredible training programs that help communities coexist. To speak more to the programs, the importance of beavers, and how people can get involved with protecting beavers across the landscape, Defender Radio is joined by Adam Burnett, Executive Director of The Beaver Institute.


The Beaver Institute:

The Fur-Bearers' Beaver Institute Scholarship:

The Fur-Bearers' Beaver Coexistence Guide:

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