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It’s a common saying, that animals have no voice. But they do – they can be quite proficient at communicating their needs. It’s more that humans have forgotten how to listen. This is a reality Ellie Lamb, bear viewing guide and educator, encounters often in her work.

Black bears are found across Canada, but one of their largest populations exists within British Columbia. Despite all that is known about bears and how to prevent negative encounters, thousands of them are killed in British Columbia annually by the BC Conservation Officer Service, often for accessing anthropogenic, or human-created attractants and food sources. Talking to bears – or more particularly learning how to listen to them – can be a significant step in preventing such outcomes for bears, and lead to successful coexistence.

Defender Radio was joined by Ellie Lamb to discuss black bears in British Columbia, what it means to talk and listen to bears, and how coexistence can be successful in communities.


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