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The illegal wildlife trade is significantly broader and includes far more species than most people think; and Canada is seemingly playing a role.

Dr. Chris Shepherd, Executive Director of Monitor Conservation Research Society, is working hard to research and expose the illegal wildlife trade around the world. In two papers he co-published regarding black bears and their illegal trade in various parts of the world, Canada had a clear connection. Links to these, which explore the bear trade in Czech Republic and Australasian countries, are available in the show notes. Dr. Shepherd joined Defender Radio to share more about Monitor Conservation Research Society, how Canada factors into the illegal wildlife trade, and what average residents can do to make a difference.


Find Dr. Chris Shepherd and Monitor Conservation Research Society at

Bearing all Down Under: the role of Australasian countries in the illegal bear trade (

Bear trade in the Czech Republic: an analysis of legal and illegal international trade from 2005 to 2020 (

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