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Portrayal of interactions between humans and coyotes, content analysis of Canadian Print Media 1998-2010 isn’t the most enthralling of titles. But the study below it had a significant impact on my career and how I perceive and engage with media.

The paper, which appeared in Cities and The Environment ten years ago, looked into how coyote interactions with people are discussed in the media; the findings floored me in when I first read the paper, and they remain a part of media sensationalism seminars I’ve given over the last decade. Rather than try to explain what this paper was about, I’ll skip ahead to the interview with coauthor of the study Dr. Shelley Alexander of the University of Calgary.

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Now, here’s Dr. Shelley Alexander sharing her views, ten years later, of ten years of media content analysis, her own experiences with sensationalism and how they’ve impacted her role as a researcher and educator.

Episode art: A coyote pup in the Calgary region, remote capture by Dr. Shelley Alexander.


Alexander, Shelley M. and Quinn, Michael S. (2012) "Portrayal of Interactions Between Humans and Coyotes (Canis latrans): Content Analysis of Canadian Print Media (1998-2010),Cities and the Environment (CATE): Vol. 4: Iss. 1, Article 9. (

Dr. Shelley Alexander (University of Calgary)

University of Calgary Coexistence Research

Coyote Watch Canada

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