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Anthrozoology is a fascinating field of study – simply put, it examines the interactions between humans and other animals. This is a broad concept, which is why so many fields overlap with it: anthropology, biology, philosophy, psychology and more.

To me, the concept of combining these fields is daunting and intimidating; but thanks to many dedicated and passionate anthrozoologists, I’ve found the journals and discussions more approachable than many other, more specific disciplines. Among the dedicated and passionate are three University of Exeter students who love the field of study so much and see such potential for it that they started a podcast!

The Anthrozoology Podcast is hosted by University of Exeter PhD students Sarah Oxley Heaney and Kris Hill, along with PhD candidate Michelle Szydlowski. The trio of anthrozoologists have arrived at Exeter’s program from different places (both literally and figuratively, as we scheduled this group call across three different time zones) and with different specific interests. But it takes only the briefest moment of conversation to understand what drew them together – shared passion, dedication and excitement for doing more for humanity, non-human animals and the planet.

Their new podcast, The Anthrozoology Podcast, can be found on YouTube, Spotify and other places podcasts can be heard; to get to know this new show and the people behind it, Michelle, Kris and Sarah joined Defender Radio.

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