Defender Radio and The Switch

How can you tell the difference between a wolf and a coyote? What’s a coywolf? Do they live alone or in packs? Are their packs like wolves, or different?

We asked for questions and we got ‘em! A few weeks back, I asked on social media what your questions would be for Lesley Sampson, Founder and Executive Director at Coyote Watch Canada. You answered. And then you kept on answering! Between Defender Radio and Coyote Watch Canada’s social media, we had two packed pages of questions to go over in our recent interview.

We didn’t get to all the questions – this episode is already a pretty long one. But we may be able to use some to create blogs for our websites, so stay tuned on that. And because this is such a long episode, you’ll be able to find some time codes for specific topics in the shownotes in the coming days.

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Article regarding the coyote mating meme:

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Show notes to be updated soon!

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