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It’s season eight! We’ve got a lot to catch up on – the pandemic, the outstanding contest, what’s going on with The Fur-Bearers and more – and we will catch up on all of that with a special episode soon. This week I want to dive right into our interview because of the timeliness and need for action on this issue.

Southern Mountain caribou in British Columbia are on the brink of collapse – and despite promises to create endangered species legislation, the last government continued to auction off sections of caribou habitat to logging companies. A cutblock auction is taking place in the Argonaut Creek drainage, which is home to the endangered North Columbia caribou herd.

This news came as a result of an investigation by Wilderness Committee, Echo Conservation Society and Wildsight.

To give us a quick overview of this long-standing issue and what the latest is, as well as how you can take action, Charlotte Dawe from Wilderness Committee joined Defender Radio.


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